26.2 or 13.1

Richard Kane Posted on Facebook

"Running in Millinocket? or are you a spectator? Stick around to see OUTRUNNING PARKINSON'S a new film about marathon runner Michael Westphal who runs to callattention to the need to find a cure for Parkinson's -- a disease he has been battling. OUTRUNNING PARKINSON'S by director Peter Logue will be screening that evening (December 10th at 6pm) at Millinocket's Stearns High School Auditorium as part of the Maine Short Film Festival, 14 films that celebrate Maine, its land, its people, and its creative soul, highlighting: Maine artists, fisherman, boat builders, wilderness guides, trans genders, youth, and original screenplays in all genres. Westphal and Logue will participate in a Q&A after the film along with Festival director Richard Kane. In addition Bill Mayher, the co-founder of Off Center Harbor, will participate speaking about their company's film BRINGING BOATS TO LIFE a very beautiful film about the rebuild of the Fife schooner Adventuress by Rockport Marine. Not to be missed"

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