26.2 or 13.1

​​Ryan Collins, 31, of Portland finished first with a time of 2:45:56. Leah Frost, 33, of Glover, Vermont was the first female finisher -coming in fifth over all-with a time of 3:13:56.  

Gary's words

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Congratulations for signing up for the Millinocket Marathon & Half. We are officially the fastest growing, most feel good marathon in the United States!

As you know our event is FREE to run and was created solely to help the struggling Katahdin region. We have some wonderful news to report! The former mill site has just been purchased buy a local non-profit organization called Our Katahdin and funds raised by our efforts have helped them complete this historic purchase. For the first time in many years this important site is back under local control and the possibilities are virtually endless. The future has not looked any brighter in Millinocket for a long, long time and our footprints are now and forever part of this magic!

I am writing in hopes that all 1,535 of you who are registered to run will visit the link below and donate $10 dollars. If there was ever a time to push the pace, THIS IS IT! The funds we all donate will help Our Katahdin develop this site, create jobs and more importantly fuel even more hope.

Thanks in advance for your important and appreciated donation.


Gary Allen
Millinocket Marathon

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The course is certified by USATF  and will be a Boston Marathon Qualifier. We believe this will be the only FREE Boston Qualifier held in the USA

2017 1st placers

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Reminder, the half marathon is once around... Full well.. Just keep running again!

RACE DATE: Saturday December 9th, 2017
START LOCATION:  27 Poplar Street, Millinocket ME, 04462